Friday, January 13, 2012

More old tracks...

... Consequences was a uni project, Phaze Reverse was a test using phase inversion tweaks as an effect, and OTK was meant to be a bit more polished but too much audio buzz and hiss got captured, and I couldn't go back as it was made on a multitracker and the tracks have been bounced down multiple times!
Anyway, they're pretty fat considering they were all made using the first gen electribe series (OTK was made with EMX-1 and EM-1, and an extra layer of fuzz/light-distortion/overdrive was added by running a layer of the bassline thru the 6V Gakken filter, with different settings recorded for the left and right channels.).

CONSEQUENCES by MickeyBoyeeee

PHAZE REVERSE by MickeyBoyeeee

OTK by MickeyBoyeeee